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    Coleman County is nestled between the Rolling Plains of the Big Country and the northern edge of the Texas Hill Country. We’re home to scenic views, beautiful sunsets, western culture, bountiful wildlife, Top 5 PRCA Rodeo in the nation, lakes and friendly folks. Visit our office at 218 Commercial Avenue or call 325-625-2163. We look forward to seeing you in our area soon!

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  • Coleman Inn, 1401 Hwy 84 Bypass Coleman, Texas.  325-625-4176
    Ken and Sandy Bhakta reopened the business in 1992 where they own and operate Coleman Inn. Coleman Inn offers several on site Amenities including Continental Breakfast, Wi-Fi, Pool, Covered Gazebo. The hotel is conveniently located on Hwy 84 Bypass. Coleman Inn welcomes you and be ready to step out and enjoy Coleman County's variety of popular Restaurants and Shopping and a town with lots of History. For Reservations call 888-771-7151 or 325-625-4176

    Pictured left to Right: Rosa Barrios - 20 yrs - Housekeeper; Owners Ken and Sandy Bhakta, Mike Coyer 6 yrs –Maintenance, Sandra Mata - 10 yrs - Housekeeper

  • Did You Know?

    The Legend of the Pink Bluebonnet.

    Years ago an old Hispanic grandmother was walking with her two grandchildren in the bluebonnet fields south of San Antonio. So thick were the blue petals across the plain that it looked as though the Texas sky was resting upon the earth. Scattered within the field of blue, a few white bluebonnets stood proudly at attention. " Grandmother, why are some of the flowers white?" The old lady smiled and said, " The white ones were the inspiration for the pure white Lone Star on the field of blue that waves at us from the Texas flag." Grandmother, look ...why are some of them pink?" The pink ones used to be white. But many years ago much blood was shed up river at the church we call the Alamo. The blood of our Texas heroes still rests within this earth, and to this day tints a few special flowers pink, to forever remind us of the cost of freedom" 

    Sheryl Shaw on " the Alamo Network."

  • Tourism Spotlight

    Coleman is home to two Disc Golf Courses.  There is a 9-hole course at Coleman City Park on the north side of town.  The course makes its way along the banks of Hords Creek and through the greater park area, too.  There is an 18-hole disc golf course at Milton Autry Memory Lake on the west side of town.  You will make your way around the entire lake as you go hole to hole.  Be ready to get some serious exercise on this one!  Check the Chamber Events Page for upcoming tournaments.