Petal Patch Flowers and Gifts

The Petal Patch Flower and Gift shop recently held an open house.
Glacia Stalcup took ownership of the business on November First and is excited to continue the good service the business has always given,
Mary Griffis and some other board members came by for a ribbon cutting and welcoming ceremony

Posted ~ Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Novice Library

After much re-organization, and many donated books, a City Library was opened, in the summer of 2014. Kathy Weatherford was the first Librarian, opening two days a week. Kathy also started a list of names for Friends of the Novice Library. Unfortunately, Kathy moved in the spring of 2015.

At this time, with no shelf space and boxes of books in storage, the City Council decided to close the library and move to a larger location. During summer and fall, books were worked and packed for the move. The current library shelves were detached from walls in sections, to be moved.

While this was being done, the rooms in the new location were being re-worked. All lighting in the new location, was updated with energy efficient fixtures. Windows were closed up, as bookshelves would be in front of them. Many new bookcases had to be built and some old ones re-worked. Everything had to be painted, or re-painted. While the construction was in progress, books were being donated almost weekly.

With the help of a grant from Friends of Coleman County Foundation and through local and area donations, Novice had a library to rival any town it's size in Texas. Finally, the new location was ready for books on the shelves. Moving, unpacking and sorting for placement was a task.

The new library has two large rooms. One for adult reading material and one for children's use. There is a smaller room with computers for public use.

The library project began with former Mayor, Wanda Motley and was completed with the Mayor, Bobby Green.

Plans are to open five days a week, with Librarian Terrilyn Taylor, to assist you.

Please, plan to visit this wonderful library!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016
Coleman County Chamber of Commerce,
Agriculture and Tourist Bureau

218 Commercial Avenue
Coleman, Texas 76834