The purpose of this organization shall be to promote the civic, commercial, industrial and agricultural interest and welfare of Coleman and Coleman County,

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Located in the Texas Mid-West region where hunting and fishing is considered major industries. Coleman is rich in natural resources which have given life to a diversified economy based on farming, ranching, coal, oil and gas production and varied industry.

The community is surrounded by the refreshing waters of six major lakes: Lake Coleman, lvie Reservoir, Lake Scarborough, Memory Lake, Lake Santa Anna, and Hord's Creek.


OCTOBER 17 - 21

September 2016

The Chamber has been very busy this month enlisting new members. As you have probably noticed, things are happening in Coleman and Coleman County. A ribbon cutting was held for one of our newest businesses, Freight Train CrossFit on Llano St. We have heard many good things about what Josh and Heather Tye are doing with their business. We wish them the best of luck and encourage all of Coleman to check it out and see what they can do for you. A ribbon cutting was also held in Novice to help them open their new Community Library. Take a ride out to Novice and see the great things going on there. Eddie and Sue Dossey have opened the West Side Market and Laundry on 5th Avenue. Many people have given such inspiring comments on how these two are doing business. Eddie and Sue saw a need in that area and jumped in with both feet to help. We wish them all the success in the world and congratulate them on their new adventure. Whitney Alexander has opened her Performing Arts Studio in the top floor above Sara LeMoine Knox Attorney at Law on Concho Street. We are so blessed to have this opportunity of ballet, tap, yoga and more in Coleman. The arts are so important in our lives, but sometimes get put aside due to having to travel out of town, but now we have it at our fingertips. We wish Whitney the best of luck and we know that Coleman will embrace this opportunity. Speaking of Art, Haven Meadows on Commercial is a place you must see. Josh and Farrah Meadows have opened their unique Art Studio. This is something you would see in larger cities and now you can see it in Coleman, Texas. Our description of their art would not do it justice. Take the time to go in and spend some time talking with Josh and Farrah and seeing this incredible artwork.

Coleman Gifts & Craft Supplies has a new location and has expanded her store. It is so fun to walk in and see Fina Reid's dream coming true. Whatever you might need for your crafts or gifts, Fina will probably have it or she might be able to get it. The stores downtown seem to be busy all of the time. The streets have people walking around and shopping in our little town. People are stopping in at the Chamber and telling us they have been hearing about Coleman and just had to come and see for themselves. There is excitement in the air.

There are several other things coming to Coleman, as well. Another fitness place, a deli, and you know we are all watching Robert Williamson as he gets his Winery all together. We are blessed to live in a community that is so supportive of what we have. We have been asked many times, "What is there to do in Coleman?" Well, our answer keeps growing. If you can't find something going on in Coleman, maybe you need to look a little harder. We have exceptional people striving to do exceptional things to help our community grow.

Have you heard about the Fiesta de la Paloma coming up on October 1st? There are some exciting things being planned all over town. There will be a 2016 Fiesta Fun Run that afternoon, the Fine Arts League of Coleman County is planning the Fiesta de la Paloma Art Show at Heritage Hall along with a showing of Marian Johnson's work at the Library. The Coleman Business People's Association is planning the "Merchant Madness". There will be things to do all over town and we hope that you take every opportunity to be involved. People working together is what makes a community strong. We are thankful for all of the "TEAM" effort that we see going on in Coleman and Coleman County.

On October 21st, the Circle C Cattlewomen are planning their 2nd Annual Fabulous Pairing at Heritage Hall. Then on October 22nd is the Prickly Pear Food + Wine Festival in the downtown area. With the Class Reunions and the Festivals in October, Coleman seems to be the place to be. Keep watching the Chronicle and Coleman News and keep listening to KSTA for the latest on all of these events.

Our member for our "Spotlight" is Phillips Insurance Agency. Phillip's Agency is privileged to have served Coleman and Coleman County for the past 43 years providing solutions to all their insurance needs. The agency was formed in 1973 by co-partners, Archie and Evelyn Phillips. Archie was the pastor of North Coleman Baptist Church at the time and Evelyn was a homemaker. The first few years they operated the business out of their home. The business continued to grow steadily and they decided that it was time to expand and the business was moved to downtown Coleman in 1977. The Phillips' purchased and remodeled the building at 203 Commercial Ave. in 1983. They moved into the newly remodeled building in May of 1984, at which time their son, Berry graduated from high school and joined the agency. In 1990, Berry became a co-partner in the agency when Archie semi-retired. Archie continued to work at the agency on a part time basis until his death in 1996. In 2011, Evelyn stepped down due to health issues leaving only Berry to operate the agency. Berry is excited to announce that Taylor Phillips, who is currently a teacher at Coleman Junior High, will be joining the agency in May of 2017.

Phillips Agency has always represented Germania Insurance; the agency was privileged to participate in Germania's 100-year celebration held in Brenham, Texas in 1996. Representing Germania, the agency offers home, auto, liability, and life policies. They also offer companion policy discounts, and have a credit union that is available to their policy holders. Phillips Agency is looking forward to serving the citizens of Coleman and Coleman County for many years to come.

The Chamber of Commerce is open from 8 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday. We are located at 218 Commercial Ave., Coleman, Texas and our phone number is 325-625-2163. We invite you to stop by and visit us any time.

Coleman At A Glance
  • Location
    Coleman is located near the geographical center of Texas, 54 miles southeast of Abilene.
  • Climate
    The annual average temperature is 65º. Average rainfall for the year is 26.5 inches
  • Population
    The City of Coleman is comprised of 5,410 residents. The Coleman County's population is 9,710. The median age is 42.1 and the median household effective buying income is $16,483. The area's civilian labor force numbers 4,335
  • Government
    The city is governed by a Mayor-Council-Manager system. The county government is presided over by a County Judge and Commissioner's Court.
  • Health Care
    CCMC is a Critical Access Hospital offering a Swing Bed Program for long term care patients, physical therapy, and radiology. To assure that we provide the highest quality care, we follow nationally recognized evidence based guidelines and core measures. We are dedicated to using advances in technology to improve our patient's care and safety. We provide primary care services that are second to none in quality and we do it with a personal touch that can only be found in a small town hospital! CCMC provides day surgery, Obstetrics/Labor & Delivery, Dental surgery, and preventive testing (upper and lower GI procedures)
  • Transportation
    The local airport, located one mile from the community, has a 4,500' paved, lighted runway for corporate and private planes. Aircraft services are also available. Regional airports with commercial airlines are located in Abilene (54 miles) and Brownwood (30 miles).
  • Utilities
    Electric power with distribution voltages of 2,400 / 4,160, is provided by the City of Coleman.
    ATMOS Energy supplies gas. Distribution line and pressure 60PSI - 8".
    Water and sewage services are provided by the City of Coleman. Water treatment capacity is 5,200,000 gallons per day; average daily demand is 2,000,000 gallons per day. Sewage capacity is 800,000 gallons.
    Verizon Company provides local telephone service and high-speed internet service.
  • Education
    Coleman schools include one elementary, one middle and one high school, as well as a remodeled Co-operative Alternative. Santa Anna, and Panther Creek Independent School Districts are also located in Coleman County.
  • Churches
    Coleman is home to 22 churches of Protestant and Catholic denominations.

General Information
Founded in 1876 on Hords Creek, area of rolling, grassy plains and wide bottom lands. A typical frontier settlement, first store hardly completed before a cemetery was laid out for loser in cowboy gunfight. Today seat of Coleman County. Area still devoted to large scale ranching; additional income from oil, natural gas, limestone.
Coleman lies on U.S. 84, a segment of the Ports to Plains Highway connecting the state's heartland to coastal ports.
Coleman, Texas is rich in natural resources which have given life to a diversified economy based on farming, ranching, coal, oil and gas production and varied industry.
The community, county seat of Coleman County, is surrounded by the refreshing waters of six major lakes. Lake Coleman, Ivie Reservoir, Lake Scarborough, Memory Lake, Lake Santa Anna and Hord's Creek. More than 70 private lakes add to the allure of natural beauty and recreational pleasure.
Coleman County also offers a wealth of frontier heritage. Named for Robert M. Coleman, aide-de-camp to General Sam Houston, the county contains several sites that testify to its historical prominence.
Well-preserved artifacts still remain from Camp Colorado, the area's earliest outpost. At the foot of the historic Santa Anna mountains lies a pioneer cabin a Registered U.S. Museum. Additional points of historical are the early towns of Trickham and Voss. Several of Coleman's older homes have been restored, including the Blair house, and official Texas Historical Landmark.

Business and Industry
The business climate in Coleman is as attractive as its ideal year-round weather. Foremost is the friendly and cooperative spirit that characterizes the area's labor force. Coleman's fine municipal services, transportation facilities and abundant energy resources serve as additional incentives for business development
Manufacturing plants in Coleman produce a variety of quality products for Texas and the nation. A sampling includes leather goods. With production active in all sections of the county, oil and gas ranks with ranching as one of Coleman's most prominent industries

In addition to the recreational riches of area lakes, Coleman presents a showcase for outdoor activities. The area is home to ample populations of deer, turkey, ducks, dove and quail. The plentiful wildlife is also a boon for non-hunting nature lovers. Coleman's City Park, located on the scenic banks of Hord's Creek, offers picnic facilities under majestic shade trees, tennis courts, a recreation center with Olympic-size swimming pool and playground equipment. Noted for its tough stock and talented cowboys, Coleman's PRCA approved rodeo is held annually. Other competitive events include one of the nation's largest county livestock shows, County 4-H Horse Shows and the Coleman County Fiesta de la Paloma and Dove Cook-off Rounding out Coleman's recreational bounty is a Country Club that features club facilities swimming pool and a 9-hole golf course.

Farming and Ranching
Endowed with some of the state's richest grass lands, Coleman County produces outstanding herds of commercial and purebred cattle, horses, sheep, goats and hogs. Approximately 50,000 to 75,000 head of cattle are marketed annually at the Coleman Livestock Auction. The fertile soils and ideal climate of the Coleman area make farming one of the area's biggest businesses. Cotton, wheat, oats, barley and grain sorghums are raised throughout the county.

Education and Culture
Just as its natural bounty, Coleman considers its people an important resource. That is why education plays a significant role in the life of the community. In addition to a elementary and middle schools, Coleman has built a modern high school to prepare students equally well for higher education or entry into the labor market upon graduation.

Cultural institutions are also an important force in and around Coleman. They range from the Coleman and Santa Anna Public Libraries to the Heritage Hall Museum , There are also a Fine Arts League and several civic clubs, including Lions, Rotary and Kiwanis.
Coleman County Chamber of Commerce,
Agriculture and Tourist Bureau

218 Commercial Avenue
Coleman, Texas 76834

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